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You know you’re a grad student mom when…

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Grad Student Mom with sleeping baby

You know you’re a grad student mom when:

  •  you can feed your baby and write a paper at the same time
  • people joke your baby’s first word will be poststructuralism
  • you know which bathrooms on campus have change stations
  • you’ve left a conference dinner to call your kids to say good night
  • you look for other women who will admit to having children
  • you’ve written a paper while rocking a bouncy seat with one foot
  • you’ve practiced for a presentation with a baby in a carrier
  • your child has said “I want to be a doctor who helps sick people, not a doctor like you” or “are you being teacher mommy today?”
  • your child knows the name of your school
  • you’ve received onesies in your school colors as a baby gift
  • you’ve fed or changed a child in your office
  • you’ve wondered whether you could put a baby to sleep in your filing cabinet
  • you have textbooks that weigh more than your child, and cost more than your stroller
  • you’ve gotten up with a crying child at 4 a.m. and decided you might as well do some work since you’re up anyway
  • you know more about child development, identity formation, cell development, genetics or nutrition than your pediatrician
  • you’ve not only Googled questions about your baby, you’ve used Google scholar to find research articles about the rash on your child’s back or the newest research about bottlefeeding vs. breastfeeding
  • your child’s kindergarten graduation might conflict with your convocation
  • you’ve arranged childcare and two sets of back up childcare for your thesis defence
  • you’ve mentioned your babysitter in your dissertation’s acknowledgements


Please post your suggestions for other ways of know you’re a grad student mom.